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Featuring some of our favorite tool maintenance supplies, this kit helps you keep your planes and other woodworking tools rust-free. The kit includes 90ml of Moovit penetrating lubricant, 40ml of ProtecTool wax, 3.3 oz (75ml) of Autosol polish, a rust eraser, a ripple towel and four hex keys that fit our various planes. The compact 8 1/2" × 7 1/4" × 2 1/2" carrying case keeps everything in one place.

The penetrating formula of Moovit displaces water to lubricate and prevent corrosion, providing long-lasting protection on all metal parts. It also frees rusted or seized parts. Blended from natural ingredients, it will not stain wood or contaminate finishes.

ProtecTool is a microcrystalline paste wax. It forms a thin wear-resistant film on metal surfaces that allows plane soles (and other tools) to move more easily. It also contains corrosion inhibitors to keep surfaces free of rust. Silicone-free, it will not interfere with finishes.

Autosol metal polish uses a fast-acting chemical reaction to remove oxides, leaving an invisible film that keeps brass and stainless-steel parts bright for months. It is also effective on a wide range of other metals, including steel, chrome and copper (not recommended for silver or anodized aluminum).

If patches of corrosion do form, the rust eraser scours them away. The 3" × 2" × 3/4" rubber-like block has fine abrasive embedded throughout and works well wet or dry.

For applying oil or wax to your plane, the 100% Turkish cotton ripple towel is highly absorbent and durable. Machine washable. Measures 13" square.

The selection of hex keys (1/16", 5/64", 3/32" and 5/32") covers all hex screws in Veritas planes, in case the keys supplied with your plane have gone missing. A small plastic case is included to store them.

An excellent kit of tool maintenance supplies, in a bright yellow case that’s easy to find when you need it. Some components are also available individually.