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Made from oil-finished laminated European beech, this workbench has the length and heft required to provide the size and stability of a heavy-duty bench for hand tool work.

The work surface measures about 68" long by 23" wide and is 2 1/2" thick with a 4 1/4" skirt. The vises both measure around 17" long with 4 1/2" clamping capacities, with 7/8" diameter Acme-threaded screws and double guide bars to help minimize jaw racking. The workbench is easy to assemble, standing 35 1/2" tall and weighing around 139 lb (63kg) when complete.

The bench top is pre-drilled with two rows of dog holes (3/4" in diameter) working from both the front and tail vises. Additional holes have been drilled in the legs to accept dogs or hold-downs when working with large panels. Includes four bench dogs with an inward-canted face and a side-spring that holds them in position. Their length makes them easy to adjust from the underside of the bench top for low-profile clamping of thin materials.

An easily assembled storage module (sold separately) with three spacious drawers and a large cupboard fits snugly under the bench top to maximize the use of space and provide storage for tools and supplies. The top of the storage module works as a convenient shelf for easy access to the items required for your project. With a weight of around 55 lb (25kg), it also serves to increase the overall weight of the workbench. Measures about 41" long by 19" wide with a height of 16".

A solid, versatile bench, well suited for most workshops.

Made in Sweden.

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