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This robust workstation provides a portable work surface with the hold-down capabilities of a traditional workbench and the benefit of an integral front vise.

Made of solid beech, it measures 15 3/4" × 14 3/8" with a 1 5/8" thick top and weighs around 20 lb, making it a good size for in the home or transported for use as an on-site mini workbench.

The station stands 5 1/2" and, combined with an existing workbench, raises your work to a more comfortable height (especially for tasks such as sawing pins and tails for dovetails). The included vise has a 4 1/2" clamping capacity.

The workstation has two rows of four dog holes (3/4" diameter) with two more on the vise. Comes with four bench dogs with an inward-canted face and a side spring that holds them in position.

Can be easily set up on almost any table, clamped to a work surface, or permanently bolted to a workbench.

Made in Sweden.

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