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Gramercy Tools of Brooklyn, New York, develops hand tools that are based on historical examples but are not reproductions. The best features are incorporated into hybrids produced with modern materials and manufacturing processes.

Dissatisfied with brittle cast holdfasts that crack when struck, Gramercy developed a way to form them from steel bar stock, with strength and resilience comparable to traditional forged versions. Not only is this holdfast quick in use, but it also clamps work anywhere you can drill a 3/4" or 20mm hole (a through-hole at least 1 3/4" deep is recommended). Just insert the post until the arm touches the workpiece, then tap the top of the elbow with a mallet to simultaneously clamp the work and wedge the post in place. Tapping the post from behind releases it.

The low-profile arm has a 6 1/2" throat depth, allowing good access to the work from all sides. With an 8 3/4" long post, it has a clamping capacity of 7 1/4" in a 2" thick bench.

Made in USA.

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