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Benchcrafted is a small, family-based firm that is rapidly gaining a reputation for precision-made reinterpretations of traditional vises. All mating parts are machined to exceptionally close tolerances, and substantial, high-quality components are used throughout – 1 1/4" carbon-steel screws and cold-rolled nuts and flanges.

An adaptation of a traditional St. Peter's Cross mechanism, this leg vise guide has twin cast-iron arms that operate much like a pair of scissors, taking up the weight of the chop and screw to reduce friction and prevent binding. With this design, there is no pin to reposition to accommodate workpieces of different thicknesses; the chop remains parallel to the leg throughout its range of travel, which eliminates skewing and ensures full contact with the work.

The Solo model is designed for new construction; its arms are mounted on two steel mounting pins that seat in 3/8" holes, which should be drilled into the leg and chop on a drill press prior to bench assembly. The Retro model mounts on two cast-iron brackets that seat in a pair of 1 3/4" × 1 1/2" × 7/8" deep mortises, permitting installation in a new or existing bench.

Minimum leg width of 3" for the solo and 4" for the retro. Each requires a leg and chop at least 2 1/2" thick, and a minimum of 22 5/8" from the center of the vise screw to the floor. Maximum travel is about 16" (depending on the length of the vise screw). A worthwhile upgrade to any leg vise.

Made in USA.