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05P8520 - Veritas Miniature Honing Guide

Veritas Miniature Honing Guide


AGC 18-125 Cordless Angle Grinder Basic

Festool AGC 18-125 Cordless Angle Grin...

From: $487.50

15N0901 - Lee Valley Replica Bevel Square

Lee Valley Replica Bevel Square


05P8226 - Veritas Miniature Bevel-Up Jack Plane

Veritas Miniature Bevel-Up Jack Plane


15K1001 - Lee Valley Drill Press Tool Holder

Lee Valley Drill Press Tool Holder


05N7805 - Set of 6 French Curves

Veritas French Curves

(Set of 6)


05N2301 - Bench Compass

Bench Compass


SawStop Jobsite Saw PRO on white background

Sawstop Jobsite Pro


05S3432 - 1 1/2? Veritas Flushing Chisel Blade & Handle

Veritas Flushing Chisel Handle & Blade...

From: $89.00

50K6601 - Detail Hand Scraper

Detail Hand Scraper


49L2746 - Essential Joinery

Essential Joinery

by Marc Spagnuolo


15Z0205 - Set of 2 Bow Sanders (Sm. & Lg.)

Bow Sanders

From: $26.90

05M2303 - Table for 1 1/2"" Wheels for Veritas Grinder Tool Rest

Table for 1 1/2" Wheels for Veritas Gr...


16J3273 - Extra-Large Rabbeting Bit

Rabbeting Sets

From: $54.50

73L0138 - Handmade – A Hands-On Guide

Handmade – A Hands-On Guide

by Asa Christiana


58B3996 - Mk.II Parf Guide Drilling System

Mk.II Parf Guide Drilling System


73L0136 - Workshops



05N7701 - Veritas Drill Stop Gauge

Veritas Drill Stop Gauge


73L0139 - Woodworking Basics

Woodworking Basics

by Alan Goodsell & Randall Maxey


21L2011 - Tanned Leather Hand-Made Bags

Tanned Leather Hand-Made Bags

by Yoko Ganaha & Piggy Tsujioka


09A0326 - Swiss Multi-Tool Tick Remover

Swiss Multi-Tool Tick Remover


Dovetail Women’s Work Pants

Dovetail Women’s Work Pants


18J2524 - 1 1/2"" Flattening Bit, 8mm Shank

Flattening Router Bits

From: $44.00

73L0134 - Woodworking with Hand Tools

Woodworking with Hand Tools


99W8981 - Active Listening Hearing Protectors

Active Listening Hearing Protectors


03J7336 - GuidePRO Bandsaw Guide

GuidePRO Bandsaw Guide


09A1069 - Leather Shears

Leather Shears


09A0967 - Precision Safety Scissors

Precision Safety Scissors


99W3983 - 8-Piece Utility Knife Set

8-Piece Utility Knife Set


73L0299 - Pen Turning – A Foundation Course

Pen Turning – A Foundation Course

by Kip Christensen & Rex Burningham


09A0384 - Knife & Scissors Multi-Tool

Knife & Scissors Multi-Tool


03J7315 - Rikon 3/4 hp Midi Lathe (70-1218VS)

Rikon 3/4 hp Midi Lathe (70-1218VS)


03J7380 - 10" Deluxe Bandsaw,#10-306 Rikon

Rikon 10" Deluxe Bandsaw (Model 10-306...


05H4112 - Veritas Clamp Rails

Veritas Clamp Rails


77J8150 - 600x CBN Wheel, 8" x 1 1/2"

CBN Grinding Wheels

From: $99.00

73L0384 - The Craft of Veneering

The Craft of Veneering

by Craig Thibodeau


20L0355 - Joiner’s Work

Joiner’s Work

by Peter Follansbee


17N1260 - Leigh Box Joint Jig

Leigh Box Joint Jig


73L0135 - Forest Craft

Forest Craft

by Richard Irvine


26L3014 - The Wood Carver's Dozen

The Wood Carver’s Dozen

by Celina Muire


17J1810 - Wood Burning Set

Wire-Tip Burning Kit


09A1500 - Extra-Long Adhesive Bandages, pkg. of 20

Extra-Long Adhesive Bandages

(Pkg. of 20)


05N5821 - Layout Block, ea.

Veritas Layout Block

From: $8.50

99W6834 - HD 3-in-1 Staple Gun

Heavy-Duty 3-in-1 Staple Gun


05P6601 - Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Veritas Pocket Plane

Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Verit...


05P6501 - Veritas Pocket Plane

Veritas Pocket Plane


35N0718 - Mortise Deluxe Marking Gauge

Deluxe Marking Gauges

From: $95.00

33K0615 - The Laguiole Knife

The Laguiole Knife


60K1102 - Japanese Folding Knife Kit

Japanese Knife-Making Kits

From: $49.50

17N1700 - Bridge City Jointmaker Pro

Bridge City Jointmaker Pro


17N1640 - Bridge City Kerfmaker

Bridge City Kerfmaker


17N1672 - Bridge City Lg. Multi-Tool (MT-1)

Bridge City Layout Multi-Tools

From: $175.00

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