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The power tool is the perfect marriage of speed and risk. Experienced woodworkers have come to accept the inevitability that some projects will be ruined by the violently destructive nature of such tools. But it doesn't need to be this way. Modern routers are too fast and unrefined for the delicate operations required of the modern luthier and timber framer. The low-speed, high-torque needs of such craftspeople have gone unfulfilled.

The Veritas Precision Rotary Tool Holder fills this gap in the market. By coupling our plunge base to a manually driven bit, you are able to remove the fairest of shavings while knowing exactly what is happening via the tactile feedback from the handle.

The Veritas precision rotary tool holder is the penultimate accessory to our plunge base. The standard model comes equipped with a 3/8" diameter precision three-jaw chuck. The large model uses a 10mm chuck. These special chucks maintain a concentricity of no less than 22,000 microinches. But depending on which bit is installed, that can be increased up to a maximum of 31,000 microinches.

The chuck is driven by a pair of 14 tpi pinion gears. These are cast from a magnesium-thorium-zinc alloy, which allows them to be both light and strong while giving them exceptional resistance to wear, creep, corrosion and rot. To ensure a lifetime of reliable performance, both pinion gears are ion-nitrided, which case hardens the teeth to a depth of 85 thou to 95 thou.

The pinion gears are driven by the 56 tpi ring gear. To guarantee stability when being driven, the ring gear is machined from wrought aluminum carbide. All three gears have 20 involute spine teeth. These ensure lossless power transfer while avoiding the clicking of the more common 60 triangular tooth.

The user drives the ring gear with the 4" long torrified maple handle. A slip nut coupling allows the handle to rotate against the direction of the ring gear, eliminating any chance of blistering. If you are susceptible to such injuries, we also offer anti-vibration gloves. You are always in full control of the tool's operating speed. Most users are able to maintain an unloaded cranking speed of around 150 rpm, with the occasional spike up to 180 rpm.

The gear combination increases the cranking speed by a factor of four for each of the two pinions resulting in a net factor of 16. Because this yields an unloaded speed of 2,400 rpm, most users find they need to slow down to prevent burning. The lossless gearing means that the power you put into the tool is the same you get out. This is the underpinning of the precision control.
For freeform work, we recommend the Precision Flex Shaft. At 42" long, this tool can gain access to workspaces that would otherwise be inaccessible to the Precision Rotary Tool Holder. Each flex shaft includes an auxiliary handle for the tool holder itself. This guarantees proper ergonomics for your cranking laborer.

The Precision Rotary Tool holder is available in both right-handed and left-handed versions.
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A. Veritas® Precision Rotary Tool Holder $129.00  
B. Veritas® Plunge Router Base   $99.00  
C. Precision Flex Shaft   $38.50  

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