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West System Epoxy - Woodworking
West System Epoxy - Woodworking
West System is the industry standard epoxy for high-strength waterproof adhesives.

The #105 epoxy resin is mixed in a 5:1 ratio with the #205 and #206 hardeners, and a 3:1 ratio with the #207 hardener to form a high-strength solid with excellent moisture resistance.

The #205 fast-cure hardener has a working time of about 60 to 70 minutes at 20°C/70°F with a minimum cure temperature of 4°C/40°F. The #206 slow-cure hardener has a longer working time of 90 to 110 minutes at 20°C/70°F with a minimum cure temperature of 16°C/60°F.

The #207 special coating hardener was developed for coating and fiberglass cloth application where an exceptionally clear, moisture-resistant, natural wood finish is desired. The 105/207 mixture resists clouding in humid conditions and has a low blush formation. Three coats or more can be applied in one day without additional surface preparation. The #207 working time is 110 to 130 minutes at 20°C/70°F with a minimum cure temperature of 16°C/60°F.

The curing time for maximum strength is 1-4 days for #205 and #206 hardeners, and 4-7 days for the #207.

The 5:1 kits contain 32 fl oz (946ml of resin and 7 fl oz (207ml) of hardener, and the 3:1 kit contains 32 fl oz (946ml) of resin and 10.6 fl oz (310ml) of hardener. Kits include three dispensing pumps and a 30-page manual. Components are also available individually.

The fillers thicken the mixture for specific applications. All cure to an off-white color, except for the #407, which cures to a dark red/brown. The #403 microfiber blend is suitable for gap filling. The #404 high-density filler is used for filleting and gap filling where maximum strength is needed, such as screw and bolt holes. The #406 colloidal silica is a thickening additive to prevent run-off in vertical and overhead joints, but can also be used for additional strength or a tougher surface. The #407 is a micro-balloon-based, low-density filler for making fairing putties that are easy to sand or carve. The #410 microlight filler is a thermoplastic-based filler that mixes and sands easily. Its smooth texture produces a fairing compound that allows a fine feather edge.

The repair kit (about 38g of resin, fast hardener, and filler) is ideal for emergency repairs around the boat, shop or home.

Wooden Boat Restoration & Repair is a 78-page booklet that contains in-depth technical information on dry rot and hull and deck plank repairs, plus general information on the restoration of wooden boats with West System epoxies.

Made in USA.

The Repair Kit is no longer available.

#205 Fast-Cure Kit, 39 oz
 54Z20.01 Additional views  Technical Information 
  $82.50 Add to cart
#206 Slow-Cure Kit, 39 oz
 54Z20.04 Additional views   
  $82.50 Add to cart
#207 Special Coating Kit
 54Z20.06 Additional views   
  $107.00 Add to cart
#105 Resin, 32 fl oz
  $45.50 Add to cart
#205 Hardener, 7 fl oz
  $23.90 Add to cart
#206 Hardener, 7 fl oz
  $23.90 Add to cart
#207 Hardener, 10.6 fl oz
  $48.50 Add to cart
Pumps, set of 3
  $17.90 Add to cart
#403 Microfibers Adhesive, 6 oz
  $13.50 Add to cart
#404 High-Density Adhesive, 15 oz
  $18.50 Add to cart
#406 Silica Adhesive, 1.7 oz
  $13.50 Add to cart
#407 Low-Density Fairing, 4 oz
  $19.50 Add to cart
#410 Microlight Fairing, 2 oz
  $18.50 Add to cart
Repair Kit
 54Z22.02 Additional views   
Wooden Boat Restoration & Repair
 54Z22.01 Additional views   
  $6.80 Add to cart

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