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The Tormek water-cooled sharpening system has a well-deserved reputation for versatility, accuracy, and ease of use. Its precise jig-guided control allows even the novice to consistently produce tools with proper edge geometry. Made in Sweden from sturdy, high-quality components. Click here to see our selection of available accessories.

Suitable for general home and workshop sharpening, the basic T-3 machine produces a serviceable edge with a bit of tooth, which is often sufficient for tools such as utility chisels, shears, axes, and cutlery. For tools that require a keener edge, the grindstone can be treated with the optional stone grader (our #68M01.41), which permits the T-3 to create a more refined surface finish. The machine has an impact-resistant ABS-plastic housing, and includes an 8" dia. by 1-5/8" wide grindstone, a 5-3/4" dia. by 1" wide leather wheel, and a removable water trough that holds the water and collects swarf. Its 120W motor runs at 120 rpm, is rated for 1/2 hour of use every hour, and has a rust-resistant stainless-steel arbor.

The professional-grade T-7 machine sharpens a range of household and woodworking tools. More powerful and robust than the T-3, it is rated for continuous use, and has sufficient torque for grinding jointer/planer blades and high-speed steel tools, which require the user to apply greater force to the grindstone. The 200W motor operates at 90 rpm and has a stainless-steel arbor to resist rust. Grinding on the 220x stone, followed by stropping on the charged leather wheel, creates a toothed edge suitable for shears, cutlery, axes, or utility chisels. Where a refined edge is needed, the grindstone is transformed with use of the included stone grader (our #68M01.41) to a fine-texture honing wheel comparable to 1000x. The diamond-tipped truing tool dresses a worn grinding wheel to its original profile and shape, with travel controlled by a precise screw-feed advance.The included 8-1/2" dia. by 1-1/8" wide leather wheel strop allows you to produce a mirror finish. The T-7 has a 1/8" thick steel housing and includes a 10" dia. by 2" wide aluminum oxide grinding wheel. A magnet built into the removable water trough gathers metal debris for convenient disposal.

Each machine comes with a jig for sharpening chisels and plane blades (regular and tapered blades up to 3" wide and 3/8" thick), a gauge for measuring and setting bevel angles, and a 70g tube of 3-micron honing compound (replacement tubes available). A 27-minute DVD and 161-page manual provide complete instructions for sharpening an array of tools, as well as maintenance advice and other tips. For those who wish a preview, the DVD is also sold separately.

The machines come with a 7-year warranty (the T-7 is also covered for commercial use).

The Tormek® T-3 Sharpening System is no longer available.


A. Tormek® T-3 Sharpening System $439.00
B. Tormek® T-7 Sharpening Jig $699.00 Add to cartOnline: Limited quantitiesNo store selected - Click to select "My Store"
C. Instructional DVD $21.50 Add to cartOnline: Limited quantitiesNo store selected - Click to select "My Store"
Repl. Honing Compound, 70g $12.70 Add to cartOnline: AvailableNo store selected - Click to select "My Store"

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