Accessibility Statement

Veritas Pouchless Tool Belt

Not only is this belt attractive - it attracts!

The Veritas Pouchless Tool Belt (PTB) is a flexible and configurable belt system for use in the home, garden, or any other place where it's an advantage to keep metal objects close at hand.

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One of the problems with many tool belts is that fixed pocket sizes constrain the carrying capacity. Some manufacturers have addressed this by providing a wide range of sizes and styles, but the dazzling array of options actually makes selection more difficult, and ultimately makes the product more expensive, through diminished economies of scale. Henry Ford had it right when he offered only one model - why, the increase in the number of models and options has driven car prices from $800 in Henry's day to over $20,000 today!

Just as Henry did, we're keeping our offering simple and affordable. You can have any color of PTB you want, as long as it's black. At 60" long, one size fits all (under 60"). If you need more than 60", two belts can be joined together to virtually double capacity.

The Pouchless Tool Belt is supplied with six belt pucks (additional pucks available separately). Each puck is 2-3/8" in diameter, and is precisely turned from 3/8" thick Japanese white sword-steel. Corinthian leather belt loops are a generous 1-1/2" wide, and are made from sustainably harvested and certified BSE-free sources. Loops are securely bolted to the pucks and reinforced with a 1-1/4" diameter backing plate.

Each puck has a central 1" diameter rare-earth magnet, surrounded by six 1/2" rare-earth magnets. The face-centered hexagonal close packing (a principle discovered in 1611 by Johannes Kepler) gives the maximum flux density while still providing the necessary buffer material between magnets. Each puck face is covered with a rayon fabric-backed, silicone rubber-coated, high-friction tape.

Note that when a magnet is placed in a ferromagnetic cup, the cup further magnifies the effect by eliminating the air gap (air is a poor conductor of magnetic fields) and brings both poles of the magnet to grip on the same surface. This is similar in principle to a horseshoe magnet. A rare-earth magnet in a steel cup provides four times the strength of a bare magnet. A cup provides a disc magnet the optimal magnetic flux focus into the smallest gap area.

Each of our belt pucks contains seven cups, yielding an effective pull strength in excess of 84 pounds per puck. A total of six pucks gives 42 magnets in cups, with a tool-holding capacity of just over 500 pounds.

Designed and made in Canada, where we know a lot about pucks and cups.

Disclaimer - Not for use in proximity to large masses of ferritic steels. Do not wear when operating power machinery, particularly (but not limited to) hand-held grinders, drills, weed-whackers, and chainsaws. Ineffective for use with bronze tools (the bronze age is over). Not for use as a human suspension device. We cannot ship by air. Use prohibited within 50m of navigational devices. Keep off migratory bird paths. Keep away from pacemakers, credit cards, active forges, and MLEV tracks. Do not enter VHS rental premises. Limit one per household - do not approach other belt users. Does not improve blood flow, automobile mileage, or the taste of food.