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Written by thirteen-year-old Emma Biggs, with help from her dad, Steven, this book is filled with ideas and know-how to help young people discover the joys of gardening and other outdoor activities. In a lively, lighthearted way, she explores the fundamentals that children need to know to raise their own plants successfully, while urging young readers to pay attention to the sounds, smells, birds and bugs that some grownup gardeners may overlook.

Along with practical advice on everything from seed starting and propagation to care and harvesting, Emma shares interesting facts about plants, soil and wildlife, and suggests an array of plants that kids can grow for color, flavor or the sheer thrill of seeing them sprout. She explains how to create homemade planters and straw-bale play structures, attract pollinators, control pests and even how to grow giant pumpkins, carrots and other colossal veggies. Entertaining as well as educational, this is a quirky, refreshing take on the subject, sure to inspire a new generation of avid, active gardeners to get their hands dirty in the back yard.

Softcover, 8" × 10", 144 pages, 2019.

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