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Filled with ideas on ecologically friendly ways to grow food in small suburban spaces, this engaging guide invites us to consider our own yard – whatever its size – as a source of sustainable food production.

Stross draws from her experiences growing crops on a mere one-tenth of an acre, simplifying permaculture approaches for building and maintaining soil naturally, and taking stock of existing conditions to make the most of any piece of land. She explains how to select appropriate fruits, vegetables and herbs that thrive in the less-than-ideal growing conditions sometimes found in urban lots.

Infused throughout with practical advice on sound planning and time-saving strategies for busy people, the guide provides tips on garden upkeep as well as options for low-maintenance “edible landscaping” with food-producing plants. Supplemented with photos, drawings and easy-to-read charts, this is a wide-ranging resource for anyone with limited time for gardening who wants to transform a small space into a dependable source of homegrown food.

Softcover, 8 1/2" × 8 1/2", 356 pages, 2018.

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