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Special offer. Limited stock.

These sturdy, comfortable knee pads have been discontinued by the manufacturer, so we bought their remaining inventory and are offering it at a saving of over 40% compared to our regular price. Practical, durable knee protection at a significant discount, available while quantities last.

These are knee pads you can wear all day.

The soft straps easily flex as you move and don’t pinch or bind behind your knees when crouching. The pads have a thick core of dense EVA foam to prevent debris or surface irregularities from creating pressure points, covered by soft layers of memory foam that conform to the shape of your knees. The outer layer is nylon with a neoprene lining for water resistance. Hook-and-loop fasteners make strap adjustments easy.

The only downside is that the hook portion of the strap may occasionally snag the nylon covering, causing minor surface fraying. While this may detract from their appearance over time, it won’t diminish their comfort or performance.

Available in four colors. Highly recommended.

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