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This vertical system is an easy, efficient way to produce a steady supply of finished compost. By keeping the contents separate at various stages of decomposition, it simplifies and speeds up the process, sparing you the trouble of turning the material and transferring it through a series of bins as it matures.

Adding new kitchen and yard waste into the top compartment starts the cycle. When it’s full, opening the back panel lets the material fall into a second chamber, where the thick plastic walls help retain heat and a slider regulates airflow to speed decomposition. Finally, turning a fold-out crank flips the mixture into a third compartment, where it matures into finished compost, ready for the garden. New materials can be added to the top compartment at any time to ensure a continuous supply. The lid and two large removal hatches close tightly and latch so they won’t blow open in a strong wind, and also to deter pests.

Made in Austria of recyclable PBA-free polypropylene with UV inhibitors, it is 31” × 31” × 43 1/4” tall and holds about 600 litres (158 U.S. gallons) of material. An effective way to manage household composting.

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