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Harvesting and air drying culinary herbs is one of the best ways to extend the life of your herb garden, and the easiest and least expensive method of preserving herbs for year-round use. Air drying allows moisture to evaporate slowly and naturally, leaving the flavor-filled essential oils behind. These well-constructed dryers consist of a special-weave nylon mesh that maximizes air circulation. When suspended in a dry and well-ventilated interior area, the herbs dry evenly and completely, ensuring a high yield. The wire frame is rustproof high-tensile steel.

There is 2.6 sq.ft. of space on each 22" shelf, and the shelves average 8" apart. The unit collapses flat for storage in its nylon case. A detailed and illustrated eight-page instruction booklet is included to guide you in how to harvest, dry and store different herbs.

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