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With well-made blades and a smooth, precise cutting action, these are good-quality loppers and shears, available while stock lasts.

Ideal for trimming live branches, canes and other green woody material up to 1" in diameter, the bypass loppers have a stout 3 1/4" blade that makes clean cuts, leaving no crushed wood that might invite pests or disease.

Nicely balanced and easy to maneuver, the shears permit excellent control, making them a good choice for tasks that require tidy cuts, from trimming lawn edges to sculpting hedges.

Both have blades made from a grade of carbon steel chosen for its hardness and durability, so they retain their well-ground edges for a long time without having to be resharpened. For strength and rigidity with minimal weight, the handles are made of tubular aluminum, with grips made of tough, flexible TPR (thermoplastic rubber) and soft bumper pads to cushion contact between the handles as they close.

Each tool measures 23 1/2" long and weighs less than 2 lb. Various colors, depending on supply.

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