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Made by Felco of Switzerland, these loppers cut cleanly and evenly, leaving no crushed wood that might invite pests and disease.

Designed to cut branches up to 1 3/8" in diameter, their blades are made of top-quality steel, hardened and precision ground. The blade and counter blade are curved to prevent slippage and keep the wood in place for clean, precise cuts.

The loppers have lightweight yet strong extruded aluminum handles and are available in two lengths. For closer detail work, such as cutting vines or roses, the #201 model is 19 5/8" overall with 13 3/8" long handles, and weighs 1.76 lb. For overhead work or situations requiring more leverage, the #211 is 23 1/2" overall with 17 1/8" handles, and weighs 1.95 lb. All Felco parts are replaceable.

These loppers will provide many years of faithful service.

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