Accessibility Statement


The lightweight, ergonomic design of this border spade and fork makes them comfortable and easy to maneuver, while their compact size is ideal for preparing beds and borders, working in containers, transplanting or tending to areas around existing plants.

Each tool is about 41" long with a durable ash shaft set in a deep socket for excellent strength. The border spade weighs 3 lb 10 oz, and the fork is 3 lb 6 oz. Each has a 9" × 5 1/2" stainless-steel head that is non-rusting and scours well. The spade has foot treads to prevent damage to your footwear and your arches.

Both tools exceed the British standard of 121 lb of prying force at the end of the handle without breaking; however, they are not indestructible and should not be used to uproot saplings or move boulders. As with any wood-handled tools, we do not recommend leaving them outdoors in the rain.

These spade and fork are also available individually.

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