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Limited-time offer. Until January 31, 2023, receive a 24" LED grow light, a height-adjustable grow-light stand and a sturdy seedling tray, all at a saving of $14 compared to the cost of buying the components separately. After this date, the discounted set will not be available.

This kit provides the key components needed to set up a small indoor nursery that’s ideal for starting seedlings in the spring, as well as for growing a supply of fresh salad greens and herbs year-round.

It includes a high-output LED grow light that uses innovative LED technology developed for commercial use but offered in a practical size for home growers. The 24" fixture consumes less energy than a fluorescent tube of similar size but produces more light and less heat, emitting full-spectrum light that closely matches the wavelengths of natural sunlight.

Rated for 50,000 hours of continuous operation, the 24W LED array is set in an aluminum housing with integrated reflectors. With a color temperature of 6400 kelvin, it promotes vigorous growth, illuminating an area of about 4 sq.ft. when set at a height of about 1'.

The height-adjustable stand lets you set the light fixture low when seedlings are small and raise it as they grow. It consists of two 18" powder-coated aluminum supports on sturdy plastic bases with non-slip feet. Wing nuts hold the fixture in position but can be loosened by hand to adjust the height from 1" to 15 1/2".

The kit requires some assembly and comes with instructions for set-up and use. A 21" × 10 3/4" × 2 1/2" growing tray made of rigid plastic is included.

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