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With a modular design that lets you configure it in various ways, this set of self-watering planters creates an attractive two- or three-tiered display that can be adapted to fit available space.

Placed in a straight line, arranged in a zigzag pattern or set against the corner of a wall, deck or patio, the planters permit an array of design possibilities while providing shallow-rooted plants with an ideal growing environment.

Each planter has a built-in water reservoir, with a pattern of cavities in the double floor that lets water wick slowly into the soil to help keep plants consistently watered. A series of channels linking the planters lets excess water flow from the upper levels into the planters below, so you don’t need to fill them independently, and a water-level indicator on each unit tells you at a glance when a refill is needed.

Sturdily made from UV-stable, weather-resistant plastic for long-term exposure to the elements, each 24" × 9" × 11" high planter holds 15 litres (approximately 4 U.S. gallons) of soil. Multiple sets can be linked to create a larger arrangement, and the planters can be reconfigured as needed, or separated and nested together for storage.

Made in Italy.

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