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Made in the USA, this raised planter is one of the best we’ve seen. It is solidly constructed and permits a significant amount of growing space. Its V-shaped planting trough makes efficient use of soil, enabling you to grow a variety of plants and vegetables with different root structures in one bed.

With an 18" depth at the center of the trough, deep-rooted vegetables such as carrots, squash and potatoes can thrive when planted towards the middle, while herbs, salad greens and other plants with a shorter root structure flourish at the sides. Stakes can also be used to support tall or heavy plants.

Measuring 48" long by 26" wide, it provides over 8 sq.ft. of growing space. Four drainage holes at the base prevent excess rainwater from oversaturating the planter, while the included fabric liner keeps soil contained.

The planter stands about 32" tall, a height that lets you work comfortably whether seated or standing. All the wood components are made from unstained Oregon western red cedar. Easy to assemble, it can be put together quickly without tools.

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