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Tough yet easy to handle, this hose stays flexible even in low temperatures that would make typical hoses stiff. Made from a strong, supple polymer blend that virtually eliminates spool memory, it uncoils neatly, lies flat in use, and won’t put up a fight as you wind it back onto the reel or hose hanger.

Sturdy plastic swivel connectors make it easier to tighten or loosen the threaded fittings at either end, while also serving as anti-kink cuffs to reduce material fatigue at the faucet connection that can lead to leaks.

We offer 25', 50', 75' and 100' lengths of 5/8" inside diameter hose (flow rate of the 50' hose is about 18 gallons per minute at 60 psi). The bright color is easy to spot in the grass, so you’re less likely to trip over the hose or run over it with the mower.

Each has standard threaded fittings made of anodized aluminum with a thick O-ring gasket on the faucet end for a reliable seal. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, this is a durable, manageable garden hose.

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