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A birdbath not only provides a suitable place for birds to drink, bathe and cool off; it also lets you enjoy watching the species that visit your garden or yard.

Sealed with a protective glaze that prevents water from seeping through, this attractive ceramic birdbath has gently sloping sides to accommodate a variety of birds. You can fill the basin to a maximum depth of 2", suitable for larger species such as northern cardinals, blue jays and grackles, or maintain a depth of 1" to attract smaller songbirds.

The rust-resistant powder-coated steel stand easily assembles to support the basin about 30" above the ground. Simply push the four stabilizing stakes at the base of the post into the soil to position the birdbath almost anywhere in your yard.

The basin measures 14" in diameter and weighs 5 1/2 lb. Store indoors during winter, as freezing temperatures may cause breakage.

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