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Designed for cavity nesters such as warblers, wrens, chickadees and some flycatchers, this hanging bird home has a 1 1/8" opening that allows only small birds to enter.

The lip is wide at the top to keep out rain and textured at the bottom to help birds get a foothold upon landing; it is set high enough to protect eggs from predators but low enough that fledglings can reach it.

Made from high-fired clay that absorbs and releases moisture to help regulate temperature through the day, the home is coated with a protective glaze that produces unique variations in the cobalt blue color. The bottom has three small drainage holes and a removable 2" diameter plug for easy end-of-season cleaning.

Approximately 6 1/2" in diameter by 8 1/2" tall. Weighs just over 2 lb. Forged-steel hanger included.

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