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If you enjoy hosting birds at your backyard feeder but want to avoid the mess and waste of dropped seed on the ground that can attract unwanted animals, this seed catcher is a solution.

The large, sturdy resin tray attaches to birding poles below the feeder to catch falling or kicked-out seed. It offers plenty of room on the rolled edge for birds to perch. Alternatively, the tray can also be mounted on a separate pole for use as a tray feeder.

Simple to install without tools, it has collars that slide over the top of the pole and tighten with set screws to hold the two-part tray in position at any height. Holes in the bottom of the tray allow rainwater to drain. The 20" diameter by 2" deep tray comes apart easily for cleaning without having to remove the bird feeder. Fits poles ranging from 7/8" to 1" outside diameter.

Pole and feeder not included.

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