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To a squirrel, a typical bird feeder is an all-you-can-eat buffet. Besides making a mess and leaving less food for birds, it also forces you to fill the feeder more often. This large squirrel-proof feeder eliminates the problem.

Its high-capacity chamber holds 1.2 gallons of sunflower seeds or songbird mix to last a long time between refills. More important, it completely foils even the most cunning squirrel’s efforts to raid it. In our tests, squirrels repeatedly tried and failed to reach the feeding ports until they eventually gave up.

Mounted on the included steel pole, the feeder stands higher off the ground than squirrels can jump. To block them from climbing, a 12" tall, 6" diameter steel baffle below the feeder has a smooth enamel finish that they cannot grip. As long as it’s installed at least 6' from any trees, buildings or other overhanging objects that squirrels could use to jump onto the feeder from above, birds can dine in peace without ever having to share their meal with a rodent intruder.

The feeder is sturdily constructed, made of strong, weatherproof and UV-resistant polycarbonate with four aluminum seed ports and perches and an enamel-coated steel cap that lifts off for easy refills. The tubular steel pole is supplied in three sections that press-fit together. When the pole is set 5" into the ground for stability, the feeder stands about 6' 2".

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