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Contrary to popular misconceptions, bats are remarkably beneficial creatures; in fact, an individual bat can consume the equivalent of its entire body mass in insects in a single night.

This bat house is designed to provide a secure roosting site for the most common North American bat species. The interior is divided into three separate chambers to maximize the amount of wall space for bats to hang on, housing up to an incredible 300 bats, as they prefer to huddle together tightly in narrow spaces for warmth and protection.

The walls have grooves that bats can grasp easily, with the back panel extending 4 1/2" below the chambers to provide a large landing area. The roof is sloped to allow rainwater to run off, and a thin slit in the front wall provides adequate ventilation.

The house is durably constructed from nominal 7/8" thick unfinished red cedar, with an exterior-grade plywood backing and galvanized screws for long-term resistance to the elements. Measures 23 5/8" × 13 1/2" × 5" overall and weighs 13 lb.

Made in USA.

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