Accessibility Statement


For hidden compartments, liquor cabinets, knife drawers, etc., an invisible locking latch is ideal.

This unique lock is operated by a magnet embedded in a knob that is both a "key" and a pull. Holding the knob to the door where the locking catch is secretly embedded, you can release the catch and pull the door open. It is child-proof.

To mount the lock, drill a 7mm (9/32") hole in the back of the door for the stem, then surface mount the lock with four screws. It can be used on wood 10 to 20mm thick (3/8" to 3/4") as a surface mount, or recessed for thicker doors. The red flip handle holds the lock open.

Mounting template and screws included. You need only one magnetic "key" for a series of locks (each item is sold separately).

A marvellous system. Made in USA.

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