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Developed for knock-down construction, these bolts and cross-dowels are useful anywhere you need a strong butt joint, or where the material is not strong enough to support a threaded insert.

The brass cross-dowel has a threaded hole through the middle to accept the accompanying zinc-plated steel bolt. The combination of brass and steel prevents lockup, permitting easy disassembly. No complex joinery is required for rigid construction, and the bolt can be snugged if anything loosens due to humidity changes. The cross-dowel has a slot at one end so you can use a screwdriver to align it with the bolt. A threaded hole on the other end of the cross-dowel allows mounting of a dowel cap.

The fastener has a 3" bolt with a 1/2" × 1/2" cross-dowel and a washer, and is recommended for use with 3/4" nominal stock.

Dowel caps used to conceal the hole made for the cross-dowel are available separately.

Made in Canada.

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