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With no shoulder, these nuts can be bottomed out in a hole, or set below a surface. The tapered interrupted thread design ensures positive locking and good pull-out resistance.

Can also be used for curved work, or when you want to set the nut deep to accommodate over-long bolts.

Insert nuts are die-cast from a zinc alloy, and require a 6mm hex key. As with any fastener, pre-drill size will vary from 8.7mm to 9.1mm, depending on the material thickness and density.


Measurements for 13mm Plain Insert Nuts

L: 13mm

L1: 3mm

d2: 12mm

d3: 7.5mm

Measurements for 20mm Plain Insert Nuts

L: 20mm

L1: 3.7mm

d2: 11.7mm

d3: 7.7mm

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