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Not only are these pin hinges sturdy and nearly invisible when in place, they are quick to install. Supplied as a set of two stainless-steel pins and two springs, they work much like spring bolts when fitted into holes you drill in the box lid and sides.

The springs let you fully recess the pins in the lid during assembly. Then, once the pins are aligned with the receiving holes in the box sides, they simply pop into place, creating a strong hidden pivot.

The pins also let you remove the lid; if a narrow slot is cut through the lid to the side of the pin recess, a groove on the pin can be used to pull the pin back, freeing the lid for removal.

Available with 1/8" diameter pins for stock thicknesses up to 5/8" or 1/4" diameter pins for stock 5/8" thick and up.

Made in Canada.

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