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Used to mount a rare-earth magnet perpendicular to a surface, this magnet cup makes an excellent catch for a cabinet door or a concealed mount for removable panels. A magnet (sold separately) installed in the integral steel cup will exert at least 2 lb of pulling force. A screw slot allows 1/16" of horizontal adjustment (#6 screw not included).

We offer steel washers separately to use as a contact point. Self-adhesive high-friction discs (sold separately in packages of ten) can be used as a cushion to dampen door closure.

The cup comes in two sizes. The 3/8” cup is 5/8" wide by 11/16" long and projects 9/16"; it matches the 3/8” magnet, and the 1/2" washer and high-friction disc. The 5/8” size is 7/8” wide by 25/32” long and projects 27/32”; it matches the 5/8” magnet, and the 3/4" washer and high-friction disc.

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