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This system simplifies the job of installing new balusters in deck or porch railings. Set-up is quick: just screw the connector bases to the rails, snap in the balusters and slide the collars over the bases for a clean, finished look.

The collars can be lifted to stain or paint the railing without removing the bases, and slid back in place to hide any drips. The 3/4" diameter aluminum balusters are 31" long with a rust-resistant black powder-coated finish.

They snap easily into the injected-plastic connectors. The carbon steel mounting screws are zinc-and-nickel coated, compatible with any treated wood or composite material.

The system includes 10 balusters, 20 connectors and 20 screws, and all components can be painted to match desired finishes.

For typical stairs applications, the system can be used by mounting the plastic angled-base adapters (sold separately) to the baluster connectors on the top and bottom rails.

Adapters and all system components are made in Canada.

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