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With this well-made hardware, you can create an attractive, durable pencil. High-quality platings yield a crisply detailed, uniform surface and a precise fit between parts, combining ease of assembly with trouble-free function.

These large-diameter pencils are suitable for marking stock and sketching. A push-button jaw release lets you quickly set lead projection. The 5.6mm 4B leads resist breakage on rough surfaces; the push-button unscrews for access to an integral sharpener. Hexagonal bands on the grip, barrel and finial resist rolling. The gold finish includes small amounts of cobalt and palladium for abrasion resistance.

Requires a 29/64" drill bit and a minimum 3/4" × 4 1/2" blank. Drill bits, blanks, bushings and mandrels sold separately. Because mishaps can occur during turning or assembly, we offer brass replacement tubes .

We also offer a starter set that consists of two pencil kits in a gold finish, bushings and the required drill bit.

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