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With this well-made hardware, you can create an attractive, durable rollerball pen. High-quality platings yield a crisply detailed, uniform surface and a precise fit between parts, combining ease of assembly with trouble-free function.

Patterned after classic Parker-style pens of the 1920s, this pen has a quick-acting threaded cap that seals tightly to keep the ink from drying out. Its domed cap, decorative center band and domed finial give it a solid, refined look. The gold finish includes small amounts of cobalt and palladium for abrasion resistance. The rollerball cartridge has black ink and a long-lasting ceramic tip.

Requires a standard "A" mandrel, a bushing set, a V-size drill bit and a minimum 5/8" × 5" pen blank, all sold separately. Because mishaps can occur during turning or assembly, we also offer brass replacement tubes.

We also offer a starter set that consists of two pen kits in a gold finish, bushings and the required drill bit.

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