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This set supplies well-made pen hardware components along with the bushings and drill bit needed to make two attractive, durable ballpoint pens. The high-quality gold plating yields a crisply detailed, uniform surface and a precise fit between parts, combining ease of assembly with trouble-free function.

Named after 19th-century landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted (designer of Mount Royal and Central Park), this elegant pen is a slimmer versions of the popular cigar-style pen, with roller-style clips and black tapered accent bands. It has a robust double-twist mechanism, comes with black ink and takes a Parker-style refill.

The set includes an O-size drill bit (according to machinists’ bit-sizing standards) and the appropriately sized bushings. Requires a standard "A" mandrel and a minimum 3/4" × 5" pen blank, both sold separately. Because mishaps can occur during turning or assembly, we also offer brass replacement tubes.

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