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Magnet cups increase a magnet’s attraction, usually by a factor of four. These zinc-plated steel cups are counterbored to fit the rare-earth magnets we sell. The cup for the 1/4" magnet has a ridged outer surface for a press fit into a 3/8" × 1/4" deep hole. The larger cups can be screwed directly to the face of the workpiece or flush mounted in a counterbored hole. The 1/2" and 5/8" cups are 1/4" thick and countersunk for a #4 flat-head screw; the 7/8" and 1 1/8" cups are 9/32" thick and countersunk for a #10 screw (to restrain the larger magnets' greater attraction). No glue is needed; once set in the cup, the magnet has little chance of popping out. To allow future removal of the magnet or cup, first file a slot in the side walls for an access point to pry out the magnet. Sizes stated are the outside diameter.

Sold individually. Made in Canada.

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