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While there are countless folding carts on the market, most are of disappointing quality. Made in Poland from sturdy, high-strength plastic, this one is an exception.

Built for hard use, it easily handles loads up to 55 lb (25kg). The tough plastic has just enough flexibility to be rigid without being brittle, so it can take plenty of knocks and bumps without cracking.

When you release a pair of clips, the hinged walls and floor unfold, forming a 12 1/2" × 14 1/2" × 13" box (inside dimensions) with about 1.3 cubic feet of cargo space. When you’re finished with it, it collapses into a flat, compact panel about 15 1/2" square and less than 2 1/4" thick to fit easily in a closet, car trunk, or even under a car seat until the next time it’s needed.

It has a telescoping aluminum handle that extends to a comfortable height so you can pull it behind you without clipping your ankles. The 2 5/8" diameter wheels roll easily over flat surfaces, while roomy side handles let you carry the cart if needed, such as on stairs or over soft ground.

A tough, practical cart that’s sure to provide many years of service.

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