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If you've ever used typical ratchet straps, you're likely all too familiar with the shortcomings of the conventional design, which have been known to provoke colorful language from even the most levelheaded individuals.

These ratchet straps are a real improvement. Instead of using a separate crank and strap, the strap is held on a built-in spool that uses an auto-retracting mechanism to keep the strap snug while you're fastening it and neatly spooled when it's not in use.

The mechanism keeps light tension on the strap as you pull out the length needed, preventing slack so it's much easier to manage. Once it's in position, the extra-long 5" handle applies considerable leverage to reduce effort when tightening the strap down.

It's also easy to loosen using a 2" wide release trigger within easy reach of your fingertips. Once released, the auto-retract mechanism gently draws the strap back onto the spool, keeping it free of tangles.

The straps are offered in pairs, each with sturdy steel hooks with a rubberized coating, and a 12' strap made of 1" wide woven nylon with a breaking strength of 1500 lb (680kg) and a safe working load rating of 500 lb (226kg).

A clever redesign that's much faster and easier to use than the alternative.

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