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Although the earliest history is unclear, it seems crokinole was invented in Canada sometime before 1867. Both Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward sold crokinole boards through their catalogs from 1890 onward. By 1897 it had become such a common game that Lucy Maud Montgomery (the author of Anne of Green Gables) wrote that she loathed the game as it had intruded upon almost every parlor. Historians say the name comes from the French word for a crunchy biscuit (croquignole). The proper English name for the wooden playing disc is biscuit.

A step beyond the usual plastic and aluminum boards, this board is hand made from walnut and Baltic birch. Measuring 28 1/2" in diameter, it is also slightly larger than standard crokinole boards. On the reverse side is a standard 8 × 8 checkered board that can be used for chess or checkers. Comes complete with crokinole instructions and playing pieces for crokinole, checkers and chess.

A beautiful game set. For two to four players.

Made in Canada.

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