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An old trick chefs use to steady a mixing bowl is to nest it on a damp tea towel coiled into a ring. Adapting that concept, this sturdy silicone ring provides a stable base; its no-slip surface grips the bowl, leaving both hands free to mix or pour ingredients – or even do both at once.

Its tapered opening lets you tilt the bowl for more effective whisking. If inverted and pressed between the bowl and another smooth, nonporous surface, the ring can act as a large suction cup, holding the bowl firmly for vigorous mixing.

Made of FDA-approved silicone, it is dishwasher safe and heat-resistant to 500°F (260°C), so it can be placed over a pot of boiling water to support a smaller pot, forming a simple double boiler. Fits bowls with a minimum 6" diameter. Appreciated by culinary professionals and home chefs alike.

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