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This is a practical and dependable set of tools that make cake decorating a breeze.

It includes a piping bag made of thin yet strong food-grade silicone that is smooth on the inside to allow the filling to flow through consistently and textured on the outside for sure grip, and five stainless-steel decorating tips in patterns for adding fine detail such as lettering, flowers and borders. Also included is a spatula that has an offset handle so you can easily spread frosting without collecting it on your knuckles, as so often happens with a straight knife.

An excellent set for cake decorators of almost any skill level. 

Silicone Piping Bag

The piping bag is supple and slightly elastic, making it not only easier to fold and twist than traditional piping bag materials but also more durable – it won’t split or tear. Because it is heat resistant, the bag can be used with hot fillings (and reheated in a microwave). The silicone material resists absorbing stains or flavors and is quick to clean by hand or in a dishwasher. The 14" long bag is compatible with standard decorating tips.

Icing Tips

Compatible with most piping bags, these stainless-steel decorating tips come with a plastic coupler to permit quick, easy tip changes.

Offset Frosting Spatula

After spreading frosting, the flexible tip on the spatula’s 3 5/8" stainless-steel blade can be used for embellishment. The spatula can also serve as a lifter for small hors d’oeuvres and appetizers, or as a scraper for the inside of preserving jars to collect the last bits of jam or jelly, avoiding waste and making wash-up simpler.

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