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This gingerbread house pan offers a twist on the festive tradition: instead of separately baking and assembling the walls, it lets you bake the whole house as a single cake.

The high-quality cast mold produces crisp, detailed windows, shingles and trees, making a house that looks great whether you decorate it with icing and candy or just dust it with powdered sugar for a classic snowed-on look. The non-stick interior means you can count on releasing your cake in one piece, despite the mold’s detail. A recipe is included to make a tasty gingerbread cake.

Made from heavy aluminum with a reflective exterior, these pans bake evenly and consistently, leaving cakes nicely browned. 10 1/4" long by 8" wide by 5 1/2" deep, with a 9 cup capacity.

Made in USA.

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