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This wax puck lets you create beeswax wraps from scratch. Relying on the natural antibacterial properties of beeswax, it’s a great way to reduce your use of plastic wrap and bags for covering and protecting food. Made with suitable fabric (100% cotton is recommended), the wraps help retain the moisture of food while still allowing it to breathe, so condensation is less likely to collect inside.

The beeswax in this puck is combined with jojoba oil and resin to make wraps that stay flexible and have enough tack to cling to containers and themselves. While the exact number of uses depends on the size of the fabric you supply, each puck contains enough wax for three 7" × 7" wraps. You can also use it to refresh the wax of an existing beeswax wrap.

The puck is roughly 1 1/2 oz (45g), with some variation in weight from hand-pouring. Instructions included.

Made in Canada.

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