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If you want to reduce your use of plastic wrap and bags, beeswax wraps are a great way to cover and protect food. Beeswax has natural antimicrobial properties, and when combined with cloth, it helps retain the moisture of food while still allowing it to breathe, so condensation is less likely to collect inside.

These reusable wraps are made of 100% organic cotton with pure Canadian beeswax, pine tree resin and organic jojoba oil. You can shape the wrap around a container or food item using the warmth of your hands; the wraps stay flexible and have enough tack to cling to containers and themselves. They can be wiped clean or hand washed in cold water with mild soap between uses. Air dry and fold or roll for storage.

The small size (7" × 7") can be used to cover half an avocado or lemon, the medium (10" × 10") works well for storing cheese or protecting leftovers in a bowl, and the large (13" × 13") is sized for wrapping sandwiches or covering a melon half.

Not for storing raw meat or for heating.

Also available in a set of three containing one of each size. Color and fabric pattern may vary.

Made in Canada.

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