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Preparing a large batch of food to freeze for later is a great way to make meal preparation more efficient. These trays let you freeze food in individual portions, separating out what you need for one meal or one recipe.

The flexible silicone cells let you easily pop out the frozen portions. You can also transfer the frozen blocks to freezer bags, freeing the tray to freeze another batch. An internal metal frame keeps the tray upright, and an included lid lets you cover a tray to protect the contents and allows stacking.

They are available in four sizes – with ten 2 tbsp cells, six 1/2 cup cells, four 1 cup cells or two 2 cup cells (30ml, 125ml, 250ml and 500ml metric equivalents). Heat resistant up to 415°F (213°C), the trays can be heated in a conventional oven (not microwave safe), and the trays and lids are dishwasher safe.

Made from BPA-free, FDA-approved food-grade silicone.

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