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This hand-crank device lets you quickly and easily make your own small batches of salted, unsalted and flavored butter.

The churn consists of an 800ml (27 fl oz) glass jar and a lid assembly that combines a steel turning mechanism, BPA-free plastic churning paddles and comfortable wooden gripping surfaces.

To make butter, simply add fresh heavy or whipping cream to the jar, secure the lid and turn the crank until the cream thickens to a solid in about 10 to 12 minutes. After pouring off the remaining buttermilk and rinsing the butter in cold water, you can form the butter into any shape you like. 300ml (10 fl oz) of cream yields 120g (4 oz) of fresh butter. For best results, use cream at room temperature.

The churn stands just under 11" high and comes with a guide that includes instructions and recipes for flavored butters.

A simple way to bring fresh homemade butter to your table.

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