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These are outstanding graters. They are made by the same company that produces our stainless-steel kitchen rasp, which remains a favorite of home cooks and professional chefs alike decades after it was introduced.

Available with four distinct cut patterns to cover a range of uses, the graters measure about 10 3/4" overall. Each has a premium-quality stainless-steel blade with raised teeth that are chemically etched to a sharp edge for near-effortless cutting. Molded into the sturdy plastic frame for rigidity and strength, the 2 1/4" × 5" blades provide a large surface area to grate foods quickly while being compact enough to store easily in a drawer.

Each grater has a slight curvature from end to end, allowing you to hold your hand and wrist in a relaxed, natural position while bracing the tip firmly against a cutting board for stability. The textured, non-slip handles offer a comfortable grip.

The fine grater blade has hundreds of tiny perforations, ideal for grating garlic and ginger or zesting citrus, quickly producing ultra-fine shavings with a light, feathery texture. Although the coarse grater is a versatile choice that works well on a range of foods, it is best suited to grating firm foods such as carrots, apples and hard cheeses. The extra-coarse grater makes fast work of shredding potatoes, soft cheeses and cabbage, while the ribbon grater produces long, thin shavings of chocolate or harder cheeses.

Each grater is supplied with a removable plastic blade cover. Offered individually or as a set of all four. Made in USA.

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