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Made by the same manufacturer as the well-known kitchen rasp we have offered for decades, this rasp is a clever redesign of a tool now considered a mainstay in countless kitchens.

Its 7 3/4" stainless-steel blade has hundreds of fine teeth, each chemically etched to a sharp edge. Like the original, this rasp does a superb job of zesting citrus as well as grating ginger, garlic and chocolate, creating light, feathery shavings with little effort. But where it really excels is grating hard cheeses, producing thin, delicate shavings that yield more flavor with less cheese compared to a conventional grater.

This version has been redesigned with a contoured, cushioning handle so it’s easier to grip and use, and non-slip bumpers on the tip to let you brace the tool against a cutting board. Removable blade cover included.

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