Accessibility Statement


If you’ve worn regular oven mitts, you know they’re easy to slip on and off but don’t afford much dexterity. Five-finger gloves give you that dexterity, but often have to be removed by tugging on each fingertip one by one – not so with our HeatSafe gloves. Our design gives you the best of both styles. Your thumb and forefinger operate independently, while middle, ring and little fingers operate as one.

Made with an aramid exterior (the same insulating material used in firefighting gear) and a comfortable polyester/cotton lining, they stretch to fit most adult hands and provide excellent protection. A long elasticized cuff protects your wrist and forearm, and silicone strips on the palms and finger pads enhance grip. Heat resistant to 660°F (350°C).

Made for barbecue or smoker use, these have cuffs that run right up to your elbow (or pretty close to it). The gloves are unhanded (the silicone grip is applied on both sides), as we know many people wear only one glove when grilling. You can keep the other in reserve, use it elsewhere, or give it as a gift.

Comfortable and effective, they will fast become a favorite. Highly recommended. Glove size is approximate.

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